Our equioment shows the love for details

"high end gear int the hands of an unexperienced engineer will still sound like crap“. But in the hands of a talented, musical and experienced audio engineer the sun will shine.

We've collected our equipment with love and passion for more then 30 years, always with the guiding principle in mind to record and process music without compromising it to reveal all its details. Some of our equipment may add some color to the music, but always just in the intended matter. At the same time, we always keep an eye on our recording focus, namely recording in special locations, and optimize our setups accordingly. For example, with our redundant equipment, we can record 64 channels in the highest quality very efficiently with minimal setup effort. Another 32 channels can be added very easily. For optimal microphony, which doesn't interfere with the optical appearance and offers the best possible sonic performance we use over 40 Schoeps microphones, which are extremely small especially with the CMC1 microphone preamplifier. For charakter recordings we have of course also best-sounding tube microphones and preamps.

Please understand, that we do not rent all of our equipment. Just talk to us about it.

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