Studio & Recording Label

With Passion for Music & Sound

The Quiet Music Company is the interface between art and science. Both help us to create masterpieces. We love music, perfectionism and technique. Connecting timeless analog and digital high end gear to our understanding of music allows us to lite up tonal colors in perfect resolution, to capture both dynamic range and tonal depth.

As a label, we not only ensure that your music is captured in the best possible way, but that it also finds its audience; Whether as a CD or LP in the major music and mail order companies, on all important online platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon and of course on the air on the radio. We would also be happy to develop your individual marketing strategy..

One of our key competencies is the audiophile documentation of concerts. Our experience as well as our preconfigured, optimized technology allow us a quick assembly and a streamlined processes, with the highest possible quality and concentration on the essentials:
Your music.