Mastering doesn't just mean "getting it loud"

Many believe mastering a piece means to simply turn up the volume. Loudness at all costs is not our motto! Nevertheless, surely there are pieces that need emphasizing, gain on dynamic and therefore "live" from the loudness that is added during the last phase of a production.

Our understanding of mastering is much more. First of all, we optimize the macro dynamic of the mix in a complicated automation process so that the musical dynamics throughout the piece come out better. Then, we check the mix as a whole for resonances and compare it to our reference pieces, carefully correcting spikes along the way. We understand the quality of our craftsmanship, and like the blacksmith who pours the mold, we take special care that in the end, the piece sounds solid as a whole, and not screwed together. Simply laying tracks a side/a top each other is the careless work of an indifferent attitude towards music. The care we take in the mastering process, along with our usage of the highest quality tube driven machinery, is our guarantee for a hearable difference.

Furthermore we produce for every media a dedicated master.

We are Apple certified digital master engineers and can create high quality Lossless as well as Atmos masters for the Apple Music Store. This music is specially marked with the corresponding badges in the Musc Store.

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